What are your prices?

3x sheets: £7.99 (each 65cm x 46cm)
Small roll: £10.99 (50cm x 2.2m)
Large roll: £15.99 (50cm x 3.6m)

How do I use my prepaid voucher card?

If you want to order 4 sheets for £6.99, select ‘x3 sheets’ when choosing your product. Enter your code at checkout to redeem your voucher and we’ll add an extra sheet to the order for you!

To order a £14.99 large roll, select ‘large roll’ as your product and start creating your paper. When you reach the checkout, just enter your code to redeem your voucher!

How much will my delivery be?

3x sheets:
Small roll:
Large roll:

If I order now, when will be my order delivered?

Estimated delivery:

Can I add multiple pictures from my computer?

Yes—you can select them in bulk by holding down the shift key, or make individual choices by holding down the CTRL key (cmd on Apple Mac).

You can also drag and drop the photos direct from My Computer (Windows) or Finder (Apple Mac).

My photo keeps being rejected, what's wrong?

If you’re having problems uploading or selecting your photos, it might be because of the file type or size. We accept .jpg (.jpeg), .png and .gif files at a maximum size of 7 megabytes (mb). There is also a limit of 30 files per single wrapping paper product.

Do you offer international delivery?

Yes we do! We ship to over 80 countries, so you can get your photo wrapping paper delivered to almost any international location, although you will be charged for shipping.

Why does my payment show on my bank statement as "printed.com"?

When we launched, we were so small that we used our sister company, printed.com, to process transactions. printed.com and wrap.me are both owned by Ravensworth Digital Services Ltd and are part of the Tangent PLC group. We’ve grown a lot since we launched, so if you’ve ordered recently, your payment will appear as "wrap.me".

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